Val Anisimow

  Black Belt Salsa Photographer






     “July 7th











About our Photographer:

Val Anisimow is currently involved in several Denver History Research Projects including an East Colfax history. He also does research consulting with several attorneys locating witnesses and defendants etc., in litigation’s

His past includes working with a Welfare Reform Project with the University of New Mexico-Albq, where he worked primarily with Domestic Violence victims and participated in Gang Intervention/Prevention with UNM, Albq. Medical Association and the Albq Police Gang Unit. He was also marketing with a micro-brewery in Albg.


   Val also worked with a Denver area investigator in research for multiple clients, including attorneys and private clients.  His passion is Photography.



I am most grateful for your willingness at collaborating with me.  This has been an amazing opportunity to work with a true professional and to utilize my developing skills as a photographer”

                          -Val Anisimow