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Learn Salsa in Denver

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Salsa dancing lessons Denver
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Best salsa classes in denver
Denver Salsa - Learn Salsa in Denver - Best Salsa Classes

Black Belt Salsa is a World Class Salsa curriculum that was created, and continues to be developed by our world-renowned instructor, Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!

Black Belt Salsa is the best system of learning to dance Salsa, because it guides the student step-by-step through the different stages of advancement, in a systematic method, emphasizing both simplicity, sensuality, and technique instead of complicated patterns and amalgamations.

The Black Belt Salsa curriculum is SYSTEM-based, instead of a pattern-based, which far exceeds any other method of LEARNING RETENTION.   This system allows for rapid learning, a more sensual version of Salsa, and focuses on the woman’s comfort, rather than difficult and complicated turn patterns that are difficult to follow.

Salsa dancing Denver - Black Belt Salsa Belts
Learn Salsa in Denver
Black Belt Salsa - Learn Salsa in Denver
Salsa in Denver
Salsa dancing Denver
5-star review

Our instructors go through rigorous training every week through our in-person and online academy.  They learn directly from our School Sensei and study our World Class Curriculum online.  They also take private lessons, and practice together with each other during the week.

All of them are available for private lessons!  Please don’t hesitate to approach any one of them to help you on your journey!  They are SUPER NICE people with TONS of knowledge!

If you are interested in joining our Apprentice Program, please click here.  

Black Belt Salsa Apprentice Team

Tuesdays at 7pm!

Doors Open at 7pm for MEET & GREET & practice TIME
Group Class Starts PROMPTLY at 7:30pm

Learn Salsa in Denver!!

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Salsa Classes in Denver!

Learn Salsa in Denver - Dance Classes Black Belt Salsa
Salsa Dancing Denver Testimonial

Salsa Dancing Near Me!!

Enjoy our professional Group Classes every Tuesday night where we teach YOU how to dance the magical dance of Salsa!  We use the world-renown “Black Belt Salsa” curriculum that progresses students in a systematic fashion from one level to the next using the Martial Arts system of progression.

Everyone starts at White Belt!  Over time, students earn every belt color on their way up to Black Belt!
Our 5-star Google Reviews tell the story!!


Black Belt Salsa Testimonials
learn salsa in denver

We were born to enjoy the REAL world, true friendship, genuine relationships, heart to heart interaction with other humans, experience deep love that fills, strengthens and establishes our soul.

We were made to hug one another, feel one another, touch one another, see each other’s eyes, and touch the soul of the ones we love with our deepest inner being, so we feel connected valued, safe and cherished.

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Contact our team for Private lessons
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Joseph Liberatore
Joseph Liberatore
21:49 27 Feb 21
Today was our first session with Edie and we were both truly taken back the world class instruction that we received.... Edie is a master of her craft and has developed a system that makes sense. It’s a rare opportunity to find a teacher this good and so close to home. My wife and I can’t wait to continue to grow and learn salsa!read more
Danny Maldonado
Danny Maldonado
16:21 15 Feb 21
Edie is great. She was very accommodating with dates and times and is obviously a very experienced dancer and... instructor. I scheduled a very romantic and fun Valentine’s Day private lesson and it earned me major brownie points. Highly recommend.read more
Armando Martinez
Armando Martinez
14:10 07 Oct 20
I have been taking private lessons for couple weeks now. The one on one really helps me grasp the footwork. I also... really like how you have it set up to be able to go back into the previous lessons on the online curriculum. Thank you for adding the online curriculum. Really helps me look back at things when I'm just at home. With everything going on. It helps me fit in when I'm on the go. Thank you so much.read more
Raymond Ryan
Raymond Ryan
20:02 02 Jun 20
While looking for a way to grow my dance skills, I struggled with the popular teaching method of learning dance... patterns. I would learn a dance pattern one week, then pick up the next part of the pattern the following week and so on. I suffer from severe Adult ADHD which makes remembering certain skills in the long term challenging. It also means I tend to be spontaneous. I may not follow the assigned pattern exactly in class.Black Belt Dance (BBD) has a different teaching philosophy. "Family of Movements." For example, we learn and teach 92 different ways to lead a turn in a systematic head to toe process. That alone captured my heart. I learned to structure our dance to the music according to the skill level of my partner and myself. The level of detail taught increased as I advanced. I never stop learning to be clearer, smoother, and more technical.Due to the techniques and level of detail learned in this system, I am often sought out by leads and follows at dance socials. I would have given up long ago had I been forced to learn the most common way of teaching.5 Stars from the bottom of my heart.read more
George Hutchings
George Hutchings
17:33 11 Mar 20
There are no words to say how appreciative I am of having learned this system. The Black Belt Salsa program simplifies... the learning process and has helped me gain confidence as a dancer and now an instructor. I strongly recommend Edie as she is a wonderful and patient instructor and exceptional dancer. Check this out. You won't be disappointed.read more
Regine Korn
Regine Korn
01:57 10 Jan 20
We took private classes with Edie and the only thing I can say is that she is the best salsa instructor ever! She is... very professional, dances like a queen and has a fantastic system that she invented to teach beginners or advanced dancers. I forgot to mention how much patience she has and on top of everything she is a lot of fun. She is the right instructor if you need to learn salsa and I promise you that after the classes you'll be able to dance and have fun dancing.read more
patrick calman
patrick calman
16:23 08 Jan 20
I have always been a fan of Salsa music and always hoped to be able to dance it one day; unlike Latinos, I did not have... the chance to learn walking and Salsa dancing as a baby; all I could is do is looking with envy at these talented people dancing Salsa as it would be the easiest and simplest thing to do, which is not.Salsa is one of the most difficult dance to learn.My wife and I decided to take private lessons, spending thousands of dollars on Salsa teachers who taught us single steps but after many months, we were still not able to dance.Edie the Salas Freak is the teacher of the teachers, not only because she is an incredibly talented Salsa dancer but because she spent a great amount of time collecting and classifying all the hundred Salsa moves into different levels called belts, like in Judo.Starting from easy (white belt), every single level has a structure, a perfectly organized system designed to help laypeople to become dancers and good dancers to reach the next higher level of perfection.Basically, each level has its graphic panel, explaining in a systematic way the different moves, classified in clusters, like high hands, shoulders etc. but also a video where Edie demonstrates and explains each move.You just need to look and select what you want or need, pretty much like a vending machine.This is exactly what we needed.We flew from sunny Florida to freezing Denver CO to spend 5 days @ 6 hours each with Edie.She is a marvelous personality who has tons of patience not only for explaining how to dance following her system but also to make out of you a good-looking dancer.That is not an easy task because knowing the technique does not make you a good dancer; I had to learn how to lead, making my partner understand what my next move is, based on my posture which was basically bad.To correct it was a big challenge.Edie is so professional showing patience that I would never be able to.A video made on the first and the last day shows the difference like night and day.I am now sitting in the plane on my way back to Florida.Not only we can dance Salsa but we have Edie’s system to improve what we learned with her, practicing 10 minutes a day, we will get much better.read more
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Denver School of Social Dance
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Que Bueno Suerte – 1518 S Pearl St, Denver, CO 80210


The Avalon – 6185 Arapahoe Rd, Boulder, CO 80303

Blue Ice22 Broadway, Denver, CO 80203


Cumbia Night at LA RUMBA


La Rumba Nightclub
Raices Brewing Company


La Rumba on 9th and Acoma in downtown Denver – Sometimes they have a live band

Mambo Mania Monthly:

3rd Saturday of the Month – Cherry Creek Dance Studio 12001 E. 33rd Ave. I, Aurora, CO. 80010

Black Belt Salsa Testimonials

“From an accomplished world class athlete to an academic leader, my experiences have allowed me to critique body movement and teaching pedagogy.  Black Belt Dance will not only challenge world class athletes, Edie and her Apprentices will mold you into a world class dancer and instructor.  The attention to detail in instruction is perfect for beginners to top level dancers.

The non-intimidating, driven, and social environment creates a safe but fun experience for all ages. Edie made me Red Belt ready in less than a week.  I was dancing with top Denver dancers after one week of private instruction!  Give it a try!
Matthew Martinez, MA, MBA”

The term “Salsa”, when capitalized, refers to the dance.   By capitalizing the word Salsa, when referring to the dance and music, we give honor to the musicians, instructors, and dancers who have supported and grown this incredible movement all of these years.  From Tito Puente, to Willie Colon, to Celia Cruz and Ruben Blades…. we give our highest HONOR and RESPECT by capitalizing the word “Salsa” when referring to the dance.

When referring to the sauce, the word “salsa” is NOT capitalized.

Thank you.
– Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!

Why the Dance called Salsa is Capitalized, and the sauce called salsa is not capitalized.
Edie, The Salsa FREAK Testimonial