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Salsa dancing Denver - Black Belt Salsa Belts
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Black Belt Salsa Apprentice Program - Salsa in Denver

salsa dancing denver - Apprentice Testimonial

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Black Belt Salsa Apprentice Program - Salsa in Denver

Black Belt Dance (BBD) Testimonial

“From an accomplished world class athlete to an academic leader, my experiences have allowed me to critique body movement and teaching pedagogy.  Black Belt Dance will not only challenge world class athletes, Edie and her Apprentices will mold you into a world class dancer and instructor.  The attention to detail in instruction is perfect for beginners to top level dancers.

The non-intimidating, driven, and social environment creates a safe but fun experience for all ages. Edie made me Red Belt ready in less than a week.  I was dancing with top Denver dancers after one week of private instruction!  Give it a try!
Matthew Martinez, MA, MBA”

Learn Salsa In Denver Apprentice
Why the Dance called Salsa is Capitalized, and the sauce called salsa is not capitalized.

The term “Salsa”, when capitalized, refers to the dance.   By capitalizing the word Salsa, when referring to the dance and music, we give honor to the musicians, instructors, and dancers who have supported and grown this incredible movement all of these years.  From Tito Puente, to Willie Colon, to Celia Cruz and Ruben Blades…. we give our highest HONOR and RESPECT by capitalizing the word “Salsa” when referring to the dance.

When referring to the sauce, the word “salsa” is NOT capitalized.

Thank you.
– Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!