Frequently Asked Questions


It’s Best to Arrive EARLY to class. 

We cover a LOT    .:)

Learn Salsa in Denver
Are the drinks really FREE? 
YES!  It’s INCLUDED in your cover!   Since we are not allowed to sell alcohol, we provide it for free!  Wine, Beer, Sodas and snacks are ALWAYS there before, during AND after class, to meet and greet, and get you loosened up a bit!

– Do you accept “walk ins” as it relates to a beginner learning Salsa?
Yes!  Although we prefer you to register online in advance (to avoid the relatively long registration process), we TOTALLY accept walk-ins!

– What type of shoes and clothes do I wear?
Shoes:  Something that you can turn and spin comfortably in.   Edie, The Salsa FREAK, (our fearless leader) WEARS SOCKS!!
The floor is like a basketball court, so if you can picture that, easily sliding shoe bottoms works great.
Clothing:  Dress like you’re going to Red Lobster on a date.  Not too fancy, not too relaxed.   Something nice and presentable.

 – Personal Hygiene
We are NOT thrilled about men’s cologne.  95% of women on planet earth do not like men’s cologne, and the remaining 5% will tolerate it.  We’ve had people not come back to class because of the overbearing smell. of men’s cologne. 

               Guys, DO NOT wear men’s cologne. 

We highly recommend to use a VERY minimal amount of cologne (if any – preferably none at all), and women, just a hint of perfume, or none at all.   In fact, some cologne is so overly done and repulsive, that it is written in our Apprentice contract that we not allow our instructors to wear it.
Watch this video to see what we recommend everyone use: Click here for how to smell

 Are these classes for all skill levels?
Yes!  We have several instructors that teach several classes at the same time in the same room, each has their own focus group.  We teach from basic beginners “Two Left Feet” to highly advanced.  We use a progressive System of advancement much like Martial Arts.  So day one, you would come in as a “White Belt”.  After you’ve mastered White Belt, you move on to Orange Belt and so on.  The details are here:
– Do we need to reserve a spot or just show up? 
You do not need to reserve a spot, we accept walk-ins!  however if you want to avoid the line with rapid-check-in, we highly recommend signing up online.   Click here to register online.  

– What are the existing rules for Salsa as it relates to COVID?*

Please join us, whether you are vaccinated or not.
Not only do we NOT discriminate against race, creed, nor color, but we also DO NOT DISCRIMINATE if you’ve been vaccinated or not.

We operate as normal, as our studio holds 750 people, and we are now allowed to operate at 100% capacity.

However, if you feel you must wear a mask, by all means please do so.  We respect your beliefs and feelings.

At the door, you may ask us to take your temperature reading, provide touchless hand-sanitizers, and also provide latex rubber gloves as an option for you and your family, if you do not want to touch many different partner’s hands.

If you are running a temperature, we kindly ask that you come back when you feel better.  

    – Do you have a formal syllabus or curriculum you follow? 
    Yes!  THAT is what Black Belt Salsa is all about!  Following a progressive system that makes you a GREAT dancer in the shortest period of time!   We teach a “System-based” approach, rather than just unrelated patterns every week.  We have a World Class curriculum that was developed by Edie, The Salsa FREAK from her years of teaching and performing in over sixty (60) countries since 1994.
    – Do you have a Student Manual online? 
    Yes!  We have a detailed Student Manual that shows the complete Black Belt Salsa system from start to finish.
    – Can we practice the moves from class from someplace online? 
    Yes! You can learn online at at our World Class curriculum here:  Black Belt Dance Online.   Our Apprentice Instructors learn and reference those videos on a weekly basis to teach their classes!
    Salsa in Denver - Wine & cheese private lesson– How much are private lessons? 
    All of our instructors love teaching private lessons!  In fact, we HIGHLY recommend it!  You can get MUCH more out of a private lesson than you can at group classes.    If you resonate with one instructor in particular, you may approach them at ANY TIME to ask their rates and availability.


    How many people usually attend each class?

    In year’s past, (pre-COVID) we have had about 90 people in our studio during Salsa group classes.  We have nine different focus groups running with nine different instructors at every level.   We have no idea what our numbers will be now, post-COVID. 

    What if I am an advanced dancer, do I still have to go through Orientation Day 1?

    Since we are a school that teaches World Class partner dance techniques, you will be introduced to our methods of teaching on day ONE.  You may already know a lot of moves, and have years of experience, but your form, your hand holds, footwork, posture etc may need a bit of help.  We cover all of this briefly at Orientation (Fundamentals Day 1).  This takes approximately 20 minutes.  After that, the school Sensei will test you for about one minute, and will place you at the appropriate focus group.

    How do I move up to the next Belt Level?
    All reviews are done after group classes.   You do not need to review within degrees of the Belt Color.  For example, you don’t need to review from 1st Degree White Belt to 2nd Degree White belt.   However, if you want to move up to the next Belt color like from White to Orange Belt, you must briefly review with your current instructor before you review with your school Director or Sensei.    We want to make SURE you are ready to move up to the next Belt level!   
    How do I practice if I don’t have a partner?Black Belt Salsa Partner SearchTelegram Logo BBS Practice Group
    We have created a Partner Search online for our school!!   
      • Connect with someone in your focus group – ask if they’d like to practice off-line
      • Connect with an Instructor and ask if you can practice with them in a private lesson
      • Convince a friend or family member to join you so you can practice off-line together! 
      • Join our Apprentice Team!  They are ALWAYS ready to PRACTICE! 
    You can never practice enough!   The harder you work, the better – SOONER – you will get!   Practice makes perfect!  
    NOTICE:  Any and all video or picture media will be public domain upon entrance to the ballroom.