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BBS Apprentice Onboarding

Below is our comprehensive program designed to transform passionate dancers from beginner, to Apprentices, to professional Salsa instructors.

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Empower Your Dance Journey

Our Apprentice program equips you with the skills and knowledge to effectively teach Salsa to students of all levels. Learn the intricacies of Salsa, from basic steps to advanced techniques, and discover the joy of sharing this vibrant dance with others. Our program offers a structured curriculum, hands-on training, and continuous support to ensure your success as an instructor. By becoming a certified Salsa instructor, you open doors to new opportunities, enhance your dance repertoire, and join a community of passionate educators.


(We are NOT kidding)

You Get Out of This Program,

What You Put Into It.

BBS Apprentice onboarding
Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!

WELCOME to the BBS Denver Apprentice Team!!

My name is
Edie, The Salsa FREAK!! 

I’ve been called that name since 1994, why? Because I’m a NUTCASE over Salsa music and dancing!


We’re so happy you decided to join our Team! We have tons of fun (first and foremost) and learn how to lead and follow using the best curriculum in the WORLD during the process!


When you’re learning the Black Belt system, during your Apprenticeship training with us, you will always address me from now on, as “Sensei”, which simply means “One who has gone before.” 


We operate the Black Belt Dance Franchise very similar to the Martial Arts student progression model. We use various colored wristbands as “Belts” for both Students and Apprentices in that we do not allow students to advance until they have tested up to the next Belt Color. 


Once you, as an Apprentice, start practicing at a certain Belt color, you are awarded that color Belt. It may not be in standard belt order, but if you enter a Belt color, you are awarded that Belt color – with no stripes.  Silver stripes (awarded by your school Sensei) by degree will be placed on your belt when you demonstrate both the lead and follow for that Belt and degree level. 

Salsa dancing Denver - Black Belt Salsa Belts
BBS Belts
Why the Dance called Salsa is Capitalized, and the sauce called salsa is not capitalized.

The term “Salsa”, when capitalized, refers to the dance.   By capitalizing the word Salsa, when referring to the dance and music, we give honor to the musicians, instructors, and dancers who have supported and grown this incredible movement all of these years.  From Tito Puente, to Willie Colon, to Celia Cruz and Ruben Blades…. we give our highest HONOR and RESPECT by capitalizing the word “Salsa” when referring to the dance.

When referring to the sauce, the word “salsa” is NOT capitalized.

Thank you.
– Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!

BBS Apprentice Training

Since you will be joining us at any time during our training years, you will basically be “hopping on our merry-go-round” and catching up with everything and everyone going on around you. 

Do not let this intimidate you.  

ALL of your teammates started at different levels – and 90% of the time…

… as HARD CORE beginners!

Your teammates will be at different levels within the program. They all learn something new at each and every practice. How do we know this? During our ending huddle, we ask after every single practice what they learned that was new. 100% of the time, they ALWAYS say they learned something new!

Different Latin dance genres can get complicated, so we have simplified your training by breaking down something that is otherwise categorically MASSIVE, into bite-sized chunks so you can better understand how to piece together moves to create endless turn patterns and combinations at a level that most schools and instructors throughout the world ONLY DREAM of getting to.  
You will be confused, feel left out, try to fit in… remember that all of what you will experience your first few weeks will be ALL THAT and MORE. LOL. THIS IS NORMAL. 
BBS Apprentice Training
Our recommendation is to let the other Apprentices know what days of the week and times you are available to practice off-line with them. Let them know you are hungry to get caught up to the rest of the group, and want to learn ANYTHING and EVERYTHING … YESTERDAY. 
This includes both the lead and follow AND styling at every level. You may partner up with the opposite gender, the same gender… IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE – why? Because as an instructor, you will have to learn BOTH the Lead AND Follow of this amazing dance!!  
BBS Apprentice Training

You will see, that male instructors will have a LOT of female private lesson students. Female instructors will have a LOT of male private lesson students, so you’d BETTER get your act together FAST and figure out a way to practice with other Apprentices at ANY LEVEL just to start getting your feet wet! 

Watch / listen to the Purple Belt online training ON YOUR OWN FIRST, and then watch all the physical belts white – through Black Belt with or without a partner. 
Enough said. The rest you will learn both through online study and at practice. 
BBS Apprentice Training

Important Notes

Welcome to your comprehensive guide on becoming a proficient Salsa instructor. Below is a checklist of essential readings, assignments, and to-do tasks to help you master the art of teaching Salsa:

Arriving Late:

  • If you are even ONE MINUTE late to class, please inform us via Telegramdo not text your school Sensei.  
    Reason:  TIME SAVER.  Knowing how long you will be, will allow your School Sensei to calculate what they will cover based on who is present, and to hold back teaching a subject until the late person arrives. 


  • ALWAYS wear your Team shirt and colored wristbands to practice.  
    Reason:  TIME SAVER.  When your school Sensei sees your belt color, he/she will immediately know where you are at in the curriculum so he/she can be sure not to repeat anything you may already know. Once you understand and can demonstrate the lead and follow of any belt color, your wristband will be striped with a silver pen based upon the degree-level you have accomplished.  

Teaching Replacements:

  • Finding your own teaching replacements:  Teaching assignments are listed every month on our Private Telegram group under “Assignments”. If you will not be able to teach your group class on any given group class night it is your responsibility to find your own replacement to substitute for you – it is NOT your school Sensei’s responsibility. Please ask on our Social Media site (currently Telegram) at the “BBS Denver Apprentice Team” for someone to replace you in your absence.  

Our Apprentice Reference Site:

  • Study PRIOR to practice: It is your responsibility to look up your degree / week at: BEFORE TRAINING, and study what you will show the group during your training day.   
    Your Sensei will simply advise and guide you through the moves you have already learned online.  
  • Watch the “How to do Registration” video on that site, upper left corner.

Online Instructional Videos:

  • Do not expect your school Sensei to always show you what you will teach. 
    That is why ALL of Black Belt Salsa’s training / teaching videos are online, based by week, month, degree, belt color, etc. This way, you will always know where you are at and what you are to teach at any given day. 
  • Your teaching videos are locatedhere:

Your Homework Assignments

DEADLINE:  Due in One Week from NOW:




BBS Apprentice Training


If, after one month of practice, you have not completed the above, you will be asked spend your Team practice time at home completing the above assignments. 
Reason: TIME SAVER. Most common class / teaching questions will be answered by watching this online training. If during practice, you ask questions that are already covered in the videos, you will not only be wasting your own valuable physical training time, but your teammate’s training time as well.  
BBS Apprentice Trainini


How We Communicate:  BBS Apprentice Training

We communicate over the smartphone app called Telegram.   
Click link or icon above for Group Access.
Group name: BBS Denver Apprentice Team
Please ask your Sensei to add you to that list. You will need to “friend” the word “Sensei” to do so.  

BBS Apprentice Training
No Explanations Needed:

    • If you cannot make a Group Class night, there is no need to explain, or give a reason(s) why on Telegram.  What this does is force other’s to make up excuses as well.  Simply just inform us that you cannot make it – NO EXPLANATION necessary.However it is your responsibility to let the team know on Telegram, at least 24 hours in advance, or as soon as humanly possible. It is also your responsibility to let the team know what your assignment was to teach, and if someone can replace you. This agreement is also noted in your Apprentice Contract.
BBS Apprentice Training
BBS Apprentice Training
BBS Apprentice Training

Stay in Your Assigned Circle:

    • Unless you are desperately needed elsewhere, please do not deviate from your assigned teaching post.  There is a reason why your Sensei put you there. If you are there for the first time, chances are you will teach that belt the following week.  So BE ATTENTIVE and BE PREPARED.  

How You Smell and Act:

    • No Men’s colgne, nor women’s perfume.  Use Oder Eaters Foot spray for body odor
    • Never say anything bad about anyONE or anyTHING.
    • Never put down other schools, or instructors
    • Maintain a positive, uplifting attitude
    • Try not to cuss (I now, it’s tough sometimes – especially when you’re learning to dance). 
    • Fake your smile until it becomes REAL. (helps others get happy)
    • Always show up on time, if you can’t let us know asap. 
    • Always let us know if you can’t make any practices or Group Classes
    • Always wear your uniform to Group Class.


Private Lessons

Business Cards and Private Lessons:

    • You will be given business cards once you reach Orange Belt.   Normally, you should be ready and confident enough to start teaching private lessons once you reach Orange Belt.  Howwever, there have been a few instances where Apprentices were asked for privates much earlier.   You will never be pressured to teach, unless you want to, and feel you are ready.   It is completely up to you.
    • You will get 50% off any private lessons you schedule with your school Sensei.   


Your financial Perks start immediately
  • You will also learn the nuances, tricks, tips, and professional techniques for teaching an effective Group Class. We have a very specific way of teaching, so that if one of you are absent, your substitute can seamlessly pick up where you left off the following week.
  • If anyone asks you for private lessons or to teach a small group class elsewhere (as long as it does not interfere with training, nor our normal group class nights), be prepared to tell them your fee for individual hours vs package lessons you sell.
  • You will earn and keep 100% of the income from all private lessons, performances and group class gigs you get outside of BBD Denver.  .

You worked hard for it, they trust you, you deserve it. 

BBS Apprentice Training
After thirty (30) days, you will get Edie’s ENTIRE Instructional DVD downloads from Edie, The Salsa FREAK’s FABULOUS collection…
FOR FREE! An $1800 Value!!
Please remind your Sensei to give them to you, then free up 240 GB of space on your computer, or prepare an external hard drive for your free Instructional DVDs

Instructional DVDs

BBS Apprentice Training
BBS Apprentice Training

You Get Out of This Program,

What You Put Into It.

BBS Apprentice Training

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