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Although you DO NOT need a partner to attend our Group Classes, some people like to practice with people during the week between classes!  

CLICK BUTTON BELOW to find a practice partner!! 

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Tuesdays at 7pm:

Meet, Greet, & PRACTICE!

Meet and enjoy a glass of wine with your partner at 7pm at the next Tuesday’s Group Class!

Doors open at 7pm for PRACTICE, Talking to Instructors, Sipping some WINE… making new FRIENDS… 

Group Class starts at EXACTLY 7:30pm!

Learn Salsa in Denver
Learn Salsa in Denver

Learn by Doing

EMULATE Experienced Apprentice Fellows and practice offline

Practice “teaching” out loud what you just learned.  This way it will STICK! 

Salsa in Denver
Salsa in Denver

Take a Private Lesson with your Partner!

Our Instructors are Trained and READY to Teach Privates!

Your level will skyrocket as a dancer the more you train.  Take advantage of practicing with your partner at a private lesson!  All of us are willing to help and answer any questions you have!  If you resonate with a particular instructor, please feel free to approach them and ask their availability and cost!  Every instructor has their own pricing, so you must ask them directly.  

Achieve your goals

Communicate your Goals with your Instructor!

Do you want to compete? Perform? Travel the world teaching?  Open up your own school?  Let your Instructor know your deepest desires and they will help you get there!!

Salsa in Denver

“I never DREAMED I could do Lifts and Tricks… until you gave me that confidence!!”

Salsa in Denver
Kamshat Mussina – Professional BBS Alumni Apprentice / Professional BBS Performer

Challenge yourself!!  The SKY is the LIMIT!! Ask for help!
Ask Questions! 
Remember, you get out of this program WHAT YOU PUT INTO IT.

Nothing comes easy.  It will be very hard work with commitment and dedication…


– Sensei Edie



This Section will fill up over time.

Please email us if you have any questions!  We will add them to this list!

Where do I see the list of potential practice partners?

Either on our Partner Search “Results!” page that you will receive  within 24 hours of your submission.  Please email: if you have not receive the Results page.

Where can we practice?

You can start out at Group Class – meet before class over a nice glass of wine!  Afterward, you can work out of each other’s homes, garages, recreation centers, community centers, churches, gyms, outdoors, at colleges, university gyms or hallways, in the park, Cheesman Park in the summertime is DIVINE!  There is also a very large Gazebo structure near Sheridan and Tennyson that is free to use!   

I am such a Beginner, and am a bit shy...

You have to start somewhere!  If you feel more comfortable just practing before and after Group Class, that is entirely up to you both!  Eventually over time, as you improve, your confidence will grow!


Can I have more than one practice partner?

Of Course!!  In fact, we highly encourage you to try MANY different partners!   

Where do we reference the Curriculum online while we practice?

Is this for Beginners? Or Advanced?

That is entirely up to YOU.  Simply state the level you are, and as you improve, you can always make changes to your profile!

Work Hard

The harder you work, the easier it gets!


Quantity OVER Quality!

The more often you practice, the better you get, the more in DEMAND you will become!

Recommend a Friend!

We are ALWAYS looking to train new dancers!