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Below is our comprehensive program designed to transform passionate people from two left feet, to highly competent dancers in a VERY short period of time!

Learn Salsa in Denver
private salsa lessons in denver

Welcome to Your Dance Journey

The Black Belt Dance system equips you with the skills and knowledge to effectively dance not only Salsa, but you can also use it for most other partner dances as well!!  (Bachata, Cumbia, Merengue, Cha Cha, Rumba, Country, Swing, etc) 

So in essence, you are getting well over FIVE TIMES THE TRAINING using a SINGLE SYSTEM!!

During your private lessons, you will learn the secrets of Salsa, from basic steps to advanced techniques!   Our program offers a structured curriculum, hands-on training, and continuous support to ensure your success as an accomplished dancer using World Class techniques only the best of the best know and understand.   By becoming an accomplished Salsa dancer, you open doors to new opportunities, more friends and enhanced relationships!  Build your confidence, and join our community of passionate dancers using the Black Belt Dance system of learning!

Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!

About Our Master Instructor,

Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!

We learned from the best, bottom line.

“Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!” is one of the top dance instructor/performers in the world.


Edie taught us ALL of the secrets of teaching Salsa from her thirty (30)  plus years of experience traveling the world teaching and dancing Salsa!   She developed Black Belt Salsa, a highly effective World Class dance curriculum and training system that is now used in to train both students and instructors in six continents. 


We operate Black Belt Dance using the time-tested Martial Arts student progression model. We use various colored wristbands as “Belts” for both Students and Instructors. These Belts are displayed during group classes so that students can learn at their appropriate level.

Once you, as a private student, start practicing at a certain Belt color, you are awarded that color Belt. You may join our Group Classes at the Belt color level you are at.

As a private lesson PACKAGE student, you will obviously move up more quickly than standard group class students.

By the way, your rapid advancement will be VERY NOTICED by others at group class!

Salsa dancing Denver - Black Belt Salsa Belts
BBS Belts
Private Salsa Lessons with Black Belt Salsa

Different dance genres can get complicated. The Black Belt system of learning simplifies your training by breaking down something that is otherwise categorically MASSIVE, into a SYSTEM of bite-sized chunks.



Our World Class Black Belt Systen of learning helps you better understand how to piece together moves to create endless turn patterns and combinations at a level that most schools and instructors throughout the world only DREAM of achieving… in a FRACTION of a time!!



BBS Training Manual

Your Online Student Manual


  • In addition to online videos, we also have a fully written manual!
  • No Expiration Date for your private lesson packages! Take as short or as long as you’d like!
  • Free Access to our Partner Search database!
  • (optional) Performance with your instructor once you get to Green Belt!


Please ask your instructor for their scheduling calendar, and schedule out all of your private lessons as far in advance as possible.  


It is VERY HELPFUL if we can have a standing lesson or two, or three every week at a certain time. Also, try to schedule out ALL of the lessons you paid for in advance, as our calendars fill up very quickly each week.   We want to make sure you get the dates and times you desire.


Let us know if there is a particular time that you want, that we may or may not have available, and we will see if we can accommodate you the best way possible. .:)


Private Salsa Lessons with Black Belt Salsa
Private Salsa Lessons with Black Belt Salsa

Practice Partners

YOUR PROGRESS is determined by YOU, and you alone. If you want to get good super fast, you will need to practice offline with someone, aside from your regularly scheduled lessons.

If you are doing this simply for the journey and enjoyment of each lesson, then no pressure! Advance at your own pace, and your instructor will be there for you every step of your journey! .:))

If you are interested in practicing offline with someone, please enter your information in our Partner Search site online here:

Once we receive your information, you will be given access to our database of partners so you can take a look at their social pages, availability, and give them a text or call! All of them are looking to PRACTICE, so take advantage!

On occasion, your instructor may be able to find a practice partner for your private sessions if/when they are available. This way, your instructor can see your FEET! When you only dance with your instructor, they have a difficult time looking at where you are placing your feet, so it REALLY helps to have someone there so your instructor can watch your moves. You can bring a partner at no extra charge, or your instructor will find you one – when and if they are available during your private sessions.


Your Online Homework


… To Access The Online Training Videos

Even if you feel you cannot learn from videos, or you don’t have a practice partner yet, it will help for you to watch the videos anyway – RIGHT BEFORE YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT, for your brain to start absorbing the information you see in a more efficient manner.  This will make training you much easier because your brain will subliminally prepare you and help you better understand the curriculum you are about to learn.  

In other words, you will learn MORE in a SHORTER PERIOD OF TIME if you watch the curriculum videos online.  


Private Salsa Lessons with Black Belt Salsa
Private Salsa Lessons with Black Belt Salsa

Tracking Your Progress


Your progress will be tracked by the color of your Belt. Every time you enter into the next level, a new color belt will be awarded to you.



You will receive a shared Google spreadsheet or other type of hours tracking system that will track your package hours with your instructor.


Important Notes

BBS Apprentice Training

Let your instructor know your dance goals.

  • Do you just want to be competant to not feel “stupid” out on the dance floor?
  • Do you want a wedding choreography?
  • Do you want to eventually learn to teach and become an instructor?
  • Do you want to perform some day?

Let us know!  This will help us understand your desires, and help us guide you in the right direction.

Arriving Late:

  • If you or your instructor are even ONE MINUTE late to class, please inform each other via text or phone call. 


  • Please let your instructor know a minimum of  a 24-hours in advance if you must cancel.   There is no need to give any explanation as to why.


  • Comfortable,  conservative clothing – no bare shoulders, mid-drifts, nor tank tops if possible.   
  • Shoes that allow you to easily spin on a dance floor, without sticking the floor.  (may cause a knee injury)
  • No men’s cologne nor women’s perfume.  We recommend Oder Eaters foot spray as a body-odor deterant.   Watch this very short Youtube video that explains why:

What to Bring (optional):

  • Water bottle
  • Towel (for sweat)
  • Cell phone for recording before and after videos
Partner Dancer's Learning Curve

Your Homework Assignments



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Salsa-Holics Anonymous

Start your learning NOW!   


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